Thursday, March 3, 2022

Power Steering Pump

The leaky pump was thickly coated with oil, and it was tough to find all the bolts buried underneath. But got it out without having to remove much more than the belt shroud. The banjo bolt on the end of the line that snakes over to topside of the engine leaked quite a bit, even though there wasn't very much fluid left in the system.


To remove the pulley, I put a socket wrench on one of the bolts holding the pump to the bracket through one of the holes, and another socket on the pulley bolt itself. That gave enough leverage to get it loose. Below is all the hardware removed and ready for cleanup.

The bracket holding the pump has 2 bolts in front, and a long one on the bottom. The long slot on the right locates the alternator to tension the belt. I'm not sure if the photo does justice to how much grimy buildup was on this bracket. I put everything in solvent, so hopefully everything is ready for reassembly at this point.

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