Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Spec-D Headlights

 The car came with aftermarket headlights still in the box. After the existing headlights were polished, I'd noticed plenty of crazing and cracking on the lenses themselves. I put these Spec-D lights in, and mostly don't like their look. They have the "halo" effect, which I would have loved 20 years ago. But clear optics and ok projector low beams are an upgrade for safety I'll leave alone for now. In researching what these lights were, I found Spec-D has a newer design that follows the style of modern Subarus. At some point, I'll try those, or look for some new OEM lights. I guess the front kind of has a R34 GTR look. If you squint. Or close your eyes completely.

This picture reminds me that I really need to repaint the STI scoop, or get a tamer WRX one. It is silly large. And looks goofy with the stock WRX 16" wheels. Please leave a comment with your thoughts and suggestions.

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